Alert CCI indicator

CCI indicator with alerts for MT4

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Download the demo version and run it in the MT4 Strategy Tester.

CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Alert with Arrows

CCI Indicator

CCI Alert with Arrows is a highly configurable Commodity Channel Index indicator notifies you when the CCI enters or out in an Overbought or Oversold zone. When utilizing CCI (Commodity Channel Index) oscillator, the holding up time till the following sign can be long enough depending on a timeframe. CCI indicator with alert keeps you from missing the indicator signals. This indicator will save you many hours in the markets.


  • It gives the ability to modify the level of overbought and oversold.
  • Displaying arrows.
  • Sending pop-up messages to the mobile terminal.


**** CCI Settings ****
  • Period
  • Upper Level
  • Lower Level
**** CCI Signals ****
  • Crossed from top to bottom Upper level - True
  • Crossed from the bottom up Upper level - False
  • Crossed from top to bottom Lower level - False
  • Crossed from the bottom up a Lower level - True
**** Alert Settings ****
  • Enable Sound Alert - Message box alerts.
  • Enable Mobile Notification - Mobile phone alerts.
  • Enable Arrows - Draw arrows signals.

CCI indicator

Commodity channel index with alert is a classic CCI indicator that issues an automatically triggered alert when a predetermined threshold is exceeded.