Bollinger Bands Alert

Bollinger Bands Alert indicator for MT4

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Bollinger Bands Alert with Arrows

Bollinger Bands Strategy

Bollinger Bands Alert is a notification indicator that allows you to receive signals when price breaks through the Bollinger Bands. The indicator provides traders the choice to browse two Bollinger Bands strategies : 1 - Price opening inside the Bollinger Bands and closing outside.
2 - Price opening outside the Bollinger Bands and closing inside.


  • The indicator notifies you on the candlestick close.
  • Two types of signals: closing outside or closing inside.
  • Ability to customize Bollinger Bands settings.
  • Sending the alert via your mobile phone.


**** Bollinger Bands Settings ****
  • Period
  • Deviations
**** Signals Settings ****
  • Candle Opens Inside & Closes Outside
  • Candle Opens Outside & Closes Inside
**** Alert Settings ****
  • Enable Sound Alert - Message box alerts.
  • Enable Mobile Notification - Mobile phone alerts.
  • Enable Arrows - Draw arrows signals.

Bollinger bands indicator

With the Bollinger bands indicator with alert, do not miss a trade for lack of attention, you place the indicator on each graph to watch, and you will no longer miss a trade by inattention.

Bollinger band trading - Bollinger bands strategy