Moving Average Alert

Moving average crossover alert for MT4

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Moving Average Alert with Arrows

Simple moving average - Exponential moving average - Weighted moving average

Moving Average Alert is a notification indicator that allows you to receive signals about the intersection of two moving averages or if the price successfully retests the moving average of your choice. This indicator is strongly recommended for traders who trade with the exponential moving average strategy.


  • Customizable moving average settings.
  • Push notification to the mobile terminal.
  • Ability to show or hide moving averages and arrows.


**** Short-Term MA / Long-Term MA ****
  • MA Period
  • MA Method
  • Applied Price
**** MA Signals ****
  • MA Crossover - Moving average crossover.
  • Long-Term MA Retest - Long term moving average retest (default is 200-day moving average).
  • Short-Term MA Retest - Short term moving average retest (default is 50-day moving average).
**** Alert Settings ****
  • Enable Sound Alert - Message box alerts.
  • Enable Mobile Notification - Mobile phone alerts.
  • Enable Arrows - Draw arrows signals.

Moving average crossover alert

It is possible to apply the exponential moving average, simple moving average and weighted moving average.

The default moving average crossover : 200 day moving average and 50 day moving average.