Best indicator for trading Forex, stocks and cryptos

To trade Forex, stocks and cryptos, you can use several methods based on classic indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, MA, and others. Unfortunately, these indicators give false signals for sure, especially in ranging markets. Unlike the Easy Trend Follower indicator which looks more like a complete trading system than a simple indicator, it can trade the trending and ranging markets at the same time.

Traders might use this indicator on almost any market, including forex, indices, stocks, and cryptos:

The Best Forex Trading System

Trading Strategy

This forex trading indicator always finds the best performing trading signals, as you can see in the picture below, each signal generates at least 100 pips on the H1 timeframe.

Chart Setup:

Easy Trend Follower indicator

Preferred Time Frame(s):

1-Hour, 4-Hour

Currency Pairs:

Any pair

Entry Rules :
Long Entry Rules:

Initiate a buy entry if the indicator shows a blue upward pointing arrow.

Stop Loss for Buy Entry:

Place stop loss below the blue line.

Exit Strategy for Buy Entry:

- Exit or take profit if TP = SL * 2
- Or, if the forex trend indicator displays a red downward pointing arrow

best swing trading strategy for dummies

Sell Entry Rules:

Enter a sell order if the red downward pointing arrow is displayed by the forex trend indicator.

Stop Loss for Sell Entry:

Place stop loss above the red line.

Exit Strategy for Sell Entry:

- Exit or take profit if TP = SL * 2
- Or, if the forex trend indicator displays a blue upward pointing arrow

best indicators for swing trading

You can test this yourself, you will be impressed by its results!