EUR/USD eTrader Trading robot for Metatrader 4

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Automated Forex Trading Robot for EUR/USD

eTrader - Expert Advisor MT4

EUR/USD eTrader is an automated trading system that performs automated trades on behalf of its clients. He analyzes the movements of the financial market in order to try to spot investment opportunities. This Expert Advisor trades in swing trading mode and opens only one position at a time while ensuring an extremely low drawdown.
Perfectly secure, each order is protected by a fixed stop loss.

This program claims to generate earnings of 20% per month with a 97% success rate.


  • 100% automated trading robot. No trading skills required.
  • Saves you time because speculation is done for you.
  • Each position is protected by a stop loss.


  • Risk Per Trade - The maximum loss allowed per trade
  • Enable Dashboard - Show or hide the dashboard.

Recommendations on usage

This trading robot only trades the EUR/USD currency. Operates on only the H1 timeframe.

Back testing the forex robot

Initial balance: $10000 Final balance: $21313 Total net profit: $11313 Risk per Trade: 2-3% Period: 2020.01.01 - 2020.11.31
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How to test this trading robot?

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